The Best Analytical Essay Example: A Guide for Beginners

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Analytical Essay Example – Writing Tips

What does Analytical Essay Example have for you?

Before we move on to analytical essay example and the useful writing tips, it is essential individuals learn what an analytical essay is and how it should be constructed.

Essays are of different kinds, and only during school students are introduced with them as a part of their Basic English curriculum. Apart from being vocal, writing is the only way one can communicate their thoughts and ideas to others. This is why learning good writing skills is necessary. It not only helps individuals during their educational period but also when they transition to their professional career path. Moreover, writing practices enhance cognitive and communication skills of pupils that help them in numerous professions and settings.

The different types of essays students are commonly taught in school and college are persuasive, descriptive, argumentative, expository, character, narrative and analytical essay. Teachers assign these varying writing tasks to students in order to test their learning, intellect and how well they express themselves in words.

An analytical essay is quite different to any other type in the group in terms of objective, style and the writer’s point of view. They hold evidences to support the author’s ideas and claim as they begin to analyze on a particular subject. Writing an analytical essay may be challenging for many as it demands good analytical skills that enable the individual to comprehend deeply the reasoning behind certain events. Only then they will be able to connect the ideas and provide logic that strongly support their discussed arguments.

Construction of an Analytical Essay

It’s not always easy to find a good analytical essay example around you. But you can surely learn what it takes to improve an analytical essay in a way that it stands out among others. It must be remembered that analytical essays reflect the mindset and thinking process of the writer, hence it is vital that the writer focuses on the structure and clearly presents his ideas without being biased. It must set itself apart from an argumentative essay, with which people generally confuse the analytical one. Here is a stepwise guide to writing an analytical essayin best way

  1. Selecting the topic

Every start is difficult but once the first step is taken, it becomes easier to move forward. Similar is the case with any piece of writing. Topic selection often becomes a tall order because it is what the author has to stick to throughout their course of writing. Professional writers have suggested for writers to go for a topic that firstly suits their interest and secondly, is captivating for the audiences. It will be easier to generate ideas on it and stay motivated while writing if the topic is of choice.

  1. The Introduction

The writing process of analytical essays, just like any other literary, starts with a classic introduction. Introductory paragraph is what steers the entire argument of the writing and enlightens the reader about what they can expect to be discussed. It must always end with a thesis statement. Since it is the opening paragraph, it must be engaging as well as precise to make the audiences prepare for more. Expert writers suggest that essay writers can add a rhetorical question, a global idea or a captivating bold statement that can leave the readers wondering and generating their own ideas. A solid thesis statement will further strengthen the idea.

  1. Body Paragraphs

While wondering how to write an analytical essay, students often get confused in the number of body paragraphs that must be incorporated in the essay. Though there is no hard and fast rule concerning that, individuals must avoid dragging too much by adding a lot of paragraphs. They will subconsciously add irrelevant detail which will bore the reader right away. They must aim to discuss one or two ideas in a single paragraph to maintain coherence and cohesion. It is in the body paragraphs the author discusses and analyses a particular subject with addition of relevant evidences to authenticate it.

However, it must be noted that every paragraph serves the essay’s main objective of supporting the thesis statement. It is perhaps what the entire argument revolves around.’

  1. Clear Topic Sentences are important

Topic sentences play a big role as a starter of the body paragraphs. They introduce the reader to the argument that will be discussed in the following statements. To get an idea how to write interesting opening sentences, students can go through a good analysis essay example from online sources.

  1. Do not Skip Evidences

Body paragraph is the context that will contain all the necessary details and information about the topic under discussion. The sentences should be a concoction of analysis and supportive substances. Perhaps to convince, a solid proof or logical explanation is important. Therefore, individuals must include evidences to validate the claims in their analytical essay.

  1. Add Contradictory Ideas

It is always beneficial to be open to criticism and address it wisely as it encourages better learning. Experts assert that a good analytical essay example includes contrasting statements as well which only further strengthen the arguments made by the writer. The writer does not necessarily have to agree with the opposing idea but adding it in the paragraphs will only reflect how knowledgeable the author is. As a result the audiences will develop a sense of trust, as they will know that the essay writer has considered both sides of the coin before reaching the conclusion.

  1. Wrapping it up

Summary of an analysis essay is the gist of the whole piece of writing. Along with being precise and crisp, it should reiterate on the areas discussed in the previous paragraphs so that it confirms to the reader it is well aligned with the thesis statement. Conclusion paragraph is the ending and thus individuals must aim to satisfy the readers through it and also leave some room for them to ponder over.

Now that you are familiar with the structure and content of an analytical essay, here are some tips to writing an analysis essay that will definitely earn good grades.

Effective Tips to Improve your Analytical Essay

Provided a proper structure guideline anyone will be able to present an up to the mark analytical essay, but some added professional tips will do wonders for it. It is advised, individuals do some prior research on analytical essays before starting with the competitive task. Going through an example of analysis, will enlighten the students what key points they must consider to make their essay exemplary. Here are some tips that can also help

  1. Comparison and Contrast

While searching for ideas to add into analytical essays, writer will come across contrasting information and sometimes similarities between objects of discussion. A better approach, as demonstrated by an analytical essay example, would be to include both aspects in the essay. It is necessary to explain relations between the objects to explain the readers better instead of elaborating on only one point of view.

  1. Problem and its Solution

Analytical writing means to present personal analysis on a specific area of concern. It is supposed to shed light on all the positive and negative points of the subject and also bring forth the problems associated with it. In most cases analytical writers just end up their essay after discussing the issues. Professional writers believe that a good piece of writing should provide possible solutions to the problems as well.

  1. Definition of concepts

Writing down analytical points is not all that an analytical essay demands. The author must be well-versed in the topic so that they can define the concepts in depth, leaving no room for confusion in the reader’s mind. This is exactly why a well-researched and a well thought out topic should be chosen to provide information on. Students can search for a high rated critical analysis essay example to learn how to explain their ideas in the best ways.

  1. Cause and Effect

Analytical Essays should present cause and effect relationships. Alongside analyzing and discussing the topic of interest, the writer must take notice of what the root cause of the situation is and the possible effects it will have.

  1. Support and Proposition

An analytical piece of writing is very much similar to persuasive essays where the writer has to convince the reader about their views and why they think in a particular way. In other words, they must include a plethora of reasonable argument backed with supportive ideas so they can successfully make a valid point. Professional writers from essay writing UK contend that good piece of writing should be progressive. Meaning, it must contain counter-arguments as well to inform the readers of the varying views of people.

Analytical essays are a significant kind of literary that display analytical skills of the writer. It may seem challenging but with proper guidance and regular practice, anyone can present a commendable analytical essay.