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Argumentative Essay Examples to Help You Write a Good Essay

If you were to ask any student which type of essays they liked writing in school, a few would say the descriptive ones because they always have a lot to say on any topic. Perhaps, a few would pick narrative essays because they believe in telling profound stories. However, only a small section would say they like argumentative essays. Such students might be like diamonds in the rough; however, they exist if asked why. They’d probably state that argumentative essay examples make their life a great deal easier.

Argumentative essays allow you to assess a given thesis statement from various perspectives. The idea is to evaluate a certain statement or a question based on the evidence that may either approve or disapprove of the theory. In fact, you can even lay down bare facts for the reader to decide by themselves how this whole drama plays out. But before you do any of that, you must develop an understanding of how to start an argumentative essay which is why you must study plenty of argumentative essay examples to get the gist of such essays before you head out to deal with them head-on.

Writing an Argumentative Essay and Argumentative Essay Examples

First of all, if your teacher has assigned you an argumentative essay or argumentative essay examples to write, you’d have a topic at hand. But if you picked this essay format for yourself, you’ll have to do a bit more effort to churn out a result that’s worthy of submission. If your case is of the latter, you ought to start with narrowing down a topic for your argumentative essay. Keep in mind that the topic you pick must have plenty of source material for you to get to the bottom of the argument; otherwise, the point would be moot.

Go through the argumentative essay examples you can find on the Internet that should be a good start. After going through them, you should be able to get a rough understanding of how things work when it comes to argumentative essays. You can study the structuring and layout, see how each author’s work differs from others. You just might learn a thing or two that could be valuable in the future for you. Also, pay attention to the structuring followed by the authors and their stance. Validate if their argumentative essay was well-written or is just an absolute mess with the points and evidence all over the place. Instead, opt for an argumentative essay outline that balances everything.

Argumentative Essay Styles

In general, there are two types of argumentative essay styles, and it’s entirely up to you which one you’d like to work on. Firstly, there’s the two-sided argumentative essay which involves a topic about which you have to take into consideration both sides of the coin. For instance, if you pick “Use of social media and its effect on kids”, then you’d have to highlight both the positive and negative impacts of social media. You can also include incidents you came across on the Internet or in newspapers to prove both points. Furthermore, look up Argumentative Essay Writing Help for more ease.

Another type of essay in this category is the open-ended argumentative essay. For this essay, you have to present the reader with all the facts and arguments to decide for themselves what could be the most appropriate conclusion. Such as if you have to write on “what is the future of data mining?” So you’ll have to write about data mining in detail and the contributions that have been significant in its discovery.

Argumentative Essay Approaches

Writing an argumentative essay requires you to be objective. Your emotions do not need to be involved in this debacle. Even if you let your emotions get the best of you, you might be endangering the quality of your work. If you end up being biased instead of presenting an argument, the reader could be misled. Hence, it would be best if you relied on facts and logic to keep you on board. One of the reasons why short argumentative essay examples can help you out.

Two approaches, in general, are used to write an argumentative essay.


This type of model can be divided into four steps and can be repeated throughout the essay as per need:

  • Present a case
  • Provide evidence (examples) for the said case
  • Elaborate the examples of how they support the case
  • Discuss any counter-arguments or limitations associated with the cases or any a different point of view altogether

The Toulmin model is one of the common approaches to academic writing essays. You have to make sure that you’re establishing a certain ground and arguing both sides of it using your thorough examples. If you’re in high school, you can look up argumentative essay examples for high school for proper understanding.


The Rogerian model approach can also be divided into four steps and used pretty much like Toulmin until the end of the essay.

  • Put forth the point of your opposition and praise the aspects of it which are right.
  • Now, highlight all the issues that are associated with this stance
  • Bring your position into light and discuss how it can be a resolving factor to the issues mentioned above
  • Propose a midway between the two stances and explain why it might be more beneficial to both the parties involved

This type of essay allows you to put forth both sides of the story to the reader and then eventually decide on a compromising solution at the very end. Think of it in this way that you’re drawing up a pros and cons list, just the fact that it is a bit more descriptive.

Furthermore, it’s not like you must stick to a single approach in your essay. Instead, you can use a mix of both these approaches for churning an example argumentative essay.

5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay Examples

Most argumentative essay examples heavily focus on structuring your essay aptly. If your essay is not structured, it can be quite a letdown to the reader or anyone going through your essay. Argumentative essay introduction examples should be able to give you an idea of how to get going with your essay. However, it’s not the same thing as doing it yourself. In order to master this art, you must attempt a few drafts yourself to get the perfect results.

5 paragraph argumentative essay examples are taught to beginners so that they can practice how argumentative essay examples are structured and how each point is presented distinctly.

Argumentative Essay Examples for High School

Argumentative essay examples for High School often varies from the other argumentative essays. Firstly because as compared to Middle School, the topics assigned are more mature and thought-provoking, which also require certain analytical analysis from the students themselves. Here are a few topics that’d prove helpful to you, and you can make a note of their argumentative styles.

  • Does your vote really matter?
  • How the wage gap contributes to discrimination?
  • Should an average citizen be allowed to roam the streets armed?
  • How are movements like #MeToo and Black Lives Matter introducing a change in society?
  • How is the celebrity culture impacting our lives?

Argumentative Essay Examples Middle School

If you searched for argumentative essay examples Middle School and were still baffled with the search results, perhaps we can help you out. Compared to high school argumentative essays, middle school students can take it considerably easier. For instance, the following topics should give you an idea:

  • Do people in rural areas have a right to Internet?
  • How are video games impacting kids?
  • How important is it to have a healthy diet?
  • Is homework an overburden for students?
  • Is K-Pop playing a hand in sexual identification?
  • Why are gender roles important in households?

More argumentative essay examples for high school

An argumentative essay examples for high school can be quite a game-changer for you if you manage to get the hang of it by studying it from every angle. Here are a few more topics:

  • Why shouldn’t marijuana be legalized?
  • How much of a threat is climate change?
  • How is space exploration going to help us in the long run?
  • Is homeschooling good for kids?
  • Why is diversity in workplaces and media so important?

Short argumentative essay examples

Here are a few topics that are suitable for short argumentative essay examples:

  • How effective can the death penalty be?
  • Should smoking be made illegal?
  • Was life a decade ago easier?
  • How cyberbullying should be curtailed?
  • Why is drug abuse rapidly increasing?

Good Argumentative Essay Examples

There are plenty of topics you can work on; however, finding good argumentative essay examples is going to require a bit more than what you bargained for. First, you have to make sure you pick out a topic that’s going to have an impact on the reader based on the words you write. For top-notch argumentative essay examples, you can get in touch with essay writing services UK.