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9 Ways to Be More Assertive

Living as a shy person cannot work for you in the real world. In a professional, social and academic setting, people can easily take advantage of your timid personality. Therefore, to survive in the ruthless world outside, it is essential to train yourself to be assertive. Assertive training allows you to maintain a balance between […]

6 Random Things You Should Be Aware

Do you ever wonder about the knowledge that you do not have? Sure, the internet is full of information that is just a few clicks away, but even for that, you need to know what to search for. Our world has existed for over 4.5 billion years, which means that there is 4.5 billion years’ […]

Failed Your Exam? Here’s What You Should Do Next

When students fail, they often give up on life and thoughts like “I’ll never graduate;” “I am not good enough,” and “I’ll never get my dream job,” start circling their minds. With such toxicity, all the invested efforts seem futile. The late-night study sessions, the eleventh-hour revisions, and fluking through the exam paper, all seem […]