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Six Habits That Can Sabotage Your Productivity In College

There are moments when you think that you’re not moving forward. No matter how many steps you take, you feel like you’re stuck in one place. Productivity and being able to focus are the two fundamental factors that keep you moving forward and help you achieve better results. However, many sneaky little productivity inhibitors silently cripple your success.

Sometimes you struggle to turn your inspirations into action.

When was the last time you felt motivated after attending a college lecture, listening to a Ted Talk, inspirational podcast or watching motivational videos on YouTube or Instagram? Whatever the medium, you feel like you’re bustling with inspiration and adrenaline starts pumping into your body.

What do you do next?

In all possibilities, you grabbed a cup of coffee, turned on the music and felt ready to seize the day. You sit on the desk, open your laptop and start writing the weeks pending assignment, do some research or even try to make a schedule for exam preparation.

You think like you’re bustling with all-time high productivity!

However, that productivity bubble did not last for long. The next day, things went back to normal, along with your productivity. You spent more time scrolling through social media or binging on Netflix series than you spent time studying or working on assignments. But why?

The truth is most college students struggle to maintain their productivity, even if they achieve one milestone a day the next day they go down to zero. Despite putting in the effort and working hard, you are still unable to complete your results because of these subtle little habits, and you can’t even realise it.

In this blog post, we have identified ten habits that are silently killing your productivity and focus.

1. Yes, it’s procrastination!

Let’s get it straight! Procrastination is like cancer that eats you within and you don’t even realise it until the situation gets worse. And if you’re on the higher level of procrastination, then no remedy can cure this illness. Pushing things off until the last day or minute is never going to do you any better. Even though, if you still manage to get your work done on time, then there are chances that your assignment lacks quality or originality. Working under pressure is never a solution, you may want to satisfy that urge of leaving things for a later time, but it doesn’t work at all!

2. Caving to digital distractions

Your digital gadgets are the culprit here that are calling for your attention each second and every minute. Your mobile is buzzing with notifications; you keep checking updates every five minutes. Friends calling, Netflix, Games and many more… It’s all there! It’s pretty impossible to take yourself out of virtual reality!

To tap back on your productivity, you must disengage your mind from all the digital gadgets for a while. Even if you have to use your laptop for a project, make sure you don’t open any irrelevant tabs that can deviate you from your work.

3. Not indulging in physical activity

Human body and mind are accustomed to physical activity. The more you use your mind and body to work, the better it will function. So, don’t just keep sitting at one chair or in front of the laptop, instead make a habit of exercising at least once every day. When you get a break from your science homework, rather than scrolling over the phone or staying mind-centric, give your body a boost. Have a job, get some yoga moves, go for a swim, or workout, whatever floats your boat!

4. Being indecisive

Spending hours into thinking which subject you should start with? Is maths homework important or the management work calling for immediate attention? Should I start with making a schedule or without a plan will do fine too? While you are at it, hours have passed by and you don’t even start a thing! Well, indecision is the major factor that inhibits us from moving forward. Just pick a subject, the easiest one and begin! Tackle the simplest task and move forward from there piece by piece.

If you’re still struggling, then consult someone. Being a lone-ranger, trying to make things right all by yourself sometimes turns out to be ridiculous. We all need help somewhere! If you’re struggling with an essay task, go ask a writing service to write my essay UK or you can consult different online essay writing services. There’s no harm in taking outside help!

5. Stop multitasking

We don’t understand the point of glorifying multitasking! Getting a lot of things done at once may be awesome, but not always! Especially when the tasks at hand are complicated. It’s like you’re defusing a bomb while listening to music. Some people can master the art of multitasking, but not everyone. If you find it hard to tackle one task along with another, then don’t! Just concentrate on any one of them.

6. Unhealthy dietary habits

Your body needs food and water to thrive… period! And no, ramen noodles are not enough to make it work, you need more than that and something Healthy! Consumption of excessive fat and sugar cause your energy levels to crash hard – cripple your brain and body to work. It’ll be awkward if your doctor recommends you to have orange juice because you’re showing symptoms of scurvy. Have mercy on your stomach and start eating healthy food rather than just noodles, chilli powder and peanut butter.

So, how many productivity-killing habits do you have? Let us know in the comment box.

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